Evidence-based Phenotyping Genetic Sequencing

Wellness Homes GetFit Weight Loss Program adds PHENOTYPE GENETIC SEQUENCING to implement precision weight loss intervention(s)

Stop the yo-yo weight loss/weight gain syndrome with our genetic sequencing test. If you have failed in the past, there is now hope!

All obesity isn’t the same. Instead of taking a trial-and-error approach to treating weight loss, Phenomix genetic sequencing testing provides us with the power to deliver precision interventions.

We integrate the current knowledge on obesity pathophysiology and existing data accounting for the variability of factors – both internal and external – that impact weight.

The GetFit Weight Loss Program identifies your phenotype before implementing any weight loss interventions:

Hungry Brain

Hungry Brain

Describes people who never feel full.

Hungry Gut

Those who eat until they’re full but get hungry again within an hour or so.

Emotional Hungry

Emotional Hungry

Those who eat to reward themselves or cope with emotional issues, rather than based on physiological hunger.

Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Those whose metabolism makes it difficult for them to burn calories properly.

Watch the founder, Dr. Acosta, explain the phenotypes

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